In 2004 with a good friend I started thehistorynetwork.org, a podcast looking specifically at military history. We had no idea how popular it would be but both enjoyed the process of research, writing and recording each episode. All these years later we’ve had millions of downloads, and people now submit to us essays. We cover many topics neither of us had ever considered.

But my passion has always been the history of Second World War. When my father was called up in 1944, he joined the RASC, and I had two uncles in the RAF (one on Lancaster Bombers and the other on Sunderland Flying boats). Many of my parents friends had served in various roles, from crucial war service such as “Bevin Boy” to Radar operators in the Navy.

With the WW2 Podcast I interview an expert on a subject. No topics are out of bounds (as yet), and I cover the military history aspect as well as looking at the home front. Hopefully the format allows for close examination of a topic, and makes for absorbing listen.

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