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Last Man Standing: Geoffrey Rothwell, Survivor of 71 Missions, POW and Last of the SOE Pilots
By Gabrielle McDonald-Rothwell
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Tall young pilot Geoffrey Rothwell flew Wellingtons and Short Stirlings in WWII; and anyone who knows anything about that task will understand the significance of the fact that he completed more than 60 bombing missions. But the story doesn't end there: as a Flight Commander on No. 138 (Special Duties) Squadron Geoff dropped agents and supplies into enemy-occupied Europe. On his 71st mission he crashed in Holland and became a guest of the Third Reich in the freezing Stalag Luft 1 on the Baltic coast. He starved, but survived until the moment a drunken Russian officer on a white horse arrived to invite the prisoners to a night of revelry in the local village. As a member of Bomber Command, Geoffrey is one of the last of the many; as an SOE pilot he is the last of a very few. This is his amazing story.