Mystery Photo Album… Part 1

Ten years ago I purchased a photograph album with over forty pages of pictures. It seemed to show the life of a young boy in Nazi Germany, through to his time in the Army on the Eastern Front.

Its an intriguing find due to the lack of actual information about the people in the pictures. The first eleven pages depict children in the Hitler Youth. Presumably when the young man turned 18 he entered the Reichsarbeitsdienst (Reich Labour Service), which was compulsory for all 18-25 year olds. The pictures in this section show young men working in the fields and marching with shovels.

They would then join the Wehrmacht, the final section of the album shows what appears to be French North African troops surrendering, and snow scenes which resemble the Eastern Front.

I’ll break this into three posts. In this first we have the Hitler Youth years…




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