War & Peace Revival 2015

After a hiatus of a few years I once more made a pilgrimage to War & Peace Revival this weekend. Previously I’d driven to the event, when it was at Hop Farm, I always ended up in traffic then driving home shattered. The Westenhanger site is great for its proximity to the train station, coming from London it’s very easy. In retrospect it was a good call as it appears trouble at Calais had cause the M20 to back up, it appears some people had a horrendous time getting there.

Friday it had poured down so I expect Somme like conditions. Thankfully Saturday was very sunny and breezy, everywhere had dried up nicely.

_DSC0057As usual there was a very eclectic mix of living history sites. The Vietnam era peace protesters make me smile. I think the first time I attended the show there was only one with his placard. This year there was a bus full (an old VW Camper of course).

The sites put a huge amount of effort in, the Black Hawk Down, Somalia site was stunning.

Also notable to mention was a German Panther Tank. I spent quite a bit of time prowling round it, I couldn’t it was actually real and not an exceptionally good mock up. Struggling to find anyone to hand I eventually got a a very brief confirmation from a very helpful German, German re enactor that it was the genuine article!!! There is a caveat. It doesn’t run, apparently there is very little left inside.

I spent a very pleasurable hour talking with Tim et al from Volksstrum V3. Not only would the Volksstrum make an excellent episode of the podcast, one chap an ex professional armorer (sorry I never caught your name) knew the intricacies of all the weapons which I would probably fill a number of podcasts with!

The show seemed a bit light on vehicles, there seemed to be some large gaps put aside and not filled? Annoyingly I was hoping to track down a Studebaker 6×4, I had no look. My father drove them at the end of he war and it was the one vehicle he loved talking about (big seats and a heater impressed him).

The one vehicle I did encounter, post war was a tracked Robin Reliant with a .50 calibre machine gun. Its completely ridiculous, brilliant and funny all in one. You can find it on Facebook here.

Rex Cadman, who organises the event has announced he is retiring. Thankfully it appears the show will continue as the baton has been passed to John Allison. So finger crossed it’ll be on again next year and I can fit in another trip!