WWII Pegasus Emblem Once more Approved for Paras

After a 15 year battle the British Parachute Regiment has won approval to use its traditional Pegasus emblem once more.

british-airborne-lgThe classic emblem shows Bellerophon mounted on Pegasus, it was approved by Winston Churchill during WWII and has seen action from Arnhem to the Falkland Islands.
A reorganisation of the Army in 1999 created the 16th Air Assault Brigade, and scrapped the 5th Airborne Brigade who’d worn the Pegasus symbol. It was argued at the time that only 1 and 2 Para were entitled to wear the patch (and not 3 Para) so it wasn’t a trademark of the regiment. Though they were allowed to retain their distinctive maroon berets and cap badge.

“Removing Pegasus was the equivalent of taking away the Ferrari’s unique logo, it was all about regimental rivalry and at last we have won the day and next month we will remove the Eagle and wear Pegasus again”. Senior Officer

With yet another reorganisation, 16th Air Assault Brigade, who’s insignia was an Eagle, are now coming back under control of the Army. Senior officers have used the move to press for a change back to the old emblem.

From next month all members of the Colchester-based brigade will be issued a new patch to be worn on their left sleeve.