46 Fighting Through From Dunkirk to Hamburg

In this episode we’re going to be discussing Bill Cheall.

Bill joined the Green Howard’s in 1939, a regiment in the British army, and fought throughout the whole war. He was evacuated through Dunkirk, fought in the Desert, took part in the invasion of Sicily and in 1944 landed on Gold beach on D-Day…

Bill wrote his memoirs which have been edited by his son Paul and publish as “Fighting Through from Dunkirk to  Hamburg: A Green Howard’s Wartime Memoir”.

For more information and pictures of Bill Cheall you can visit fightingthrough.co.uk and you can find Paul’s podcast at fightingthroughpodcast.co.uk.

The Green Howard’s are of particular interest to me as they are my local regiment. I have two grandfathers who service in WW1 with them, and a great uncle who served in WW2. Uncle Jack. reputedly, like Bill was plucked from the beaches of Dunkirk, though he was later shipped to India and saw fighting in Burma.