54 The Bataan Death March

We’ve spent quite a bit of time in the Pacific this year, I didn’t intend to but as its a theatre of the war I’m not very familiar with I’ve been happy to be pulled down that route.

One topic we’ve skirted round in a number of episodes is the Bataan Death March, its been a topic I’ve been keen to look at as we’ve mentioned it a few times. Plus it’s seems like an obvious gap in my knowledge I needed to fill.

The Battling Bastards of Bataan: They Called Themselves (World War II Comix Book 2)
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On the same day as the devastating attack on Pearl Harbor, theJapanese - without warning -bombed another American territory in thePacific - the Philippines. While the U. S. Army and Navy recoveredfrom the attack on Hawaii, Americans and Filipinos united their armedforces against invading Japanese. Inst invading Japanese. In They Called Themselves The
Battling Bastards Of Bataan the little known but important story of
the six-month struggle mounted by General Douglas MacArthur's forces
against a bigger and better equipped Japanese army is told with full
color illustration. The Philippines was America's first land
battleground of World War II. With dedication and bravery, and no help
from Washington, the "Bastards" dealt a serious blow to Japanese
imperialism in the first months of the war.

I’m joined by Jay Wertz.

Jay has authored a number of books in the War Stories: World War II Firsthand series, for these he collected eyewitness accounts. He is also the author and historical consultant for World War II Comix. These are not the jingoistic “Commando” comics I grew up with in the 1970 & 80s  (is there a world wide equivalent?), Word War II Comix tells the story of the war in a straight factual manner, but in comic form. They’re a great way to get kids reading about the war.

The latest issue looks at the battle of Midway, previous issues tell the story of  the fighting on Bataan and Pearl Harbour.