25 MacArthur

In this episode I’m looking at Douglas MacArthur with Walter Borneman.

MacArthur is one of those personalities that war throws up which I find hard to pin down. They have a big personalities and seemingly a huge confidence within themselves that overrides everything else (another two examples for me would be Monty and Patton).

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The media generated about them at the time seems to put them on a pedestal, its hard to see through that hype to figure out how good they actually were.

Since I started the podcast MacArthur was in my top ten of topics to cover, so I was thrilled to see a new book on him “MacArthur at War: WWII in the Pacific” by Walter Borneman. I highly recommend you give it a read, its a balanced look which at times has you disbelieving he was allowed to continue in command, at other times you see his ability shine through. He undoubtedly was a very complex man. 



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