24 Stug Revisited and the Plasch Palatka

I’ve a bit of a different episode for you.

In our look at the Stug I talked to Jon Phillips who was close to completing his two year restoration of his Stug III. The deadline for getting the engine in and running was the Yorkshire Wartime Experience where he’d committed to bringing the Stug along.

Knowing Jon was going to be there I took myself down to see how he’d got on.

Paul wearing his Plasch Palatka

Paul wearing his Plasch Palatka

After speaking to Jon I bumped into an old friend Paul Fricker. Paul re-enacts the Russian 13th Guards Rifle Division, Poltavaskaya

On the Facebook page recently a question had been asked about what the blanket/canvas sausage you see Russian troops wearing draped over their shoulder was? So I took the opportunity to ask him.

Its a bit of a short episode as I messed up recording a piece on Russian transport, I will revisit that. But in the process I was introduced to a chap who owns a Russian T34, so expect an episode on that in the near future.


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