02 The USS Neosho: The Ship That Wouldn’t Die

The USS Neosho was a fleet oiler during WW2. She was delivering fuel at Pearl Harbour when it was attacked in December 1941. Laiden with fuel, if hit she would have caused and an enormous explosion.  The quick thinking Captain saved her on that day.

Dispatched with Task Force 17 to the Coral Sea, she was the only big oil tanker serving the fleet until the battle began, when she was ordered to leave the fleet for her own safety.

I’m joined by Don Keith to discuss the USS Neosho.

His book The Ship That Wouldn’t Die is the story of the attack on the oiler by 78 Japanese planes, three quarters of the planes available to their Carriers. Its an incurable story of duty, determination and survival.

To find Don’s other books have a look at his website donkeith.com. For more information on untold millions.net can be found here.