05 The Dieppe Raid, 1942

In this episode of the WW2 Podcast I talk to Mark Zuehlke about Operation Jubilee the ill-fated raid on Dieppe in 1942.

In August of 1942 a force of 6,000, predominantly Canadians, including the Calgary Tank Regiment, mounted a Raid on the French port of Dieppe, now occupied by the Germans.

This would be the largest allied raid yet launched.

Almost all the objectives of the main raid failed to be met. Most of those troops who made it ashore struggled to get off the beach, and for hours were pinned down under withering fire.

At the same time the Royal Air Force and Royal Canadian Air Force mounted a huge operation to provide the troops on shore and the fleet, support and cover for the duration of the Raid.

Casualties were high for the Allies, the mission judged a failure, yet it has since been justified as a vital precursor with lessons been learnt for D-Day, in 1944.


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