89 Cork Wars

A few months ago I got email from David Taylor asking if I’d ever considered looking at the cork industry in WWII? I’m sure like you, it had never crossed my mind.

The more I looked into it the more I got enthused by the story of cork, it was a wonder product during the early 20th century, used in all manner of things – almost anything that needed a seal such as a gasket used cork, so it was crucial to the auto industry, aviation and munitions. The American government defined it a strategic industry along with coal and steel!

What makes the story more intriguing is the majority of it came from neutral Portugal and Spain…

I hope I’ve laid out my case on why it is such a fascinating story.

I’m joined by David Taylor, who is the author of ‘Cork Wars’ which tells the stories of some of those involved in the cork business during WWII and Crown Cork and Seal one of the largest companies producing cork products during the war.