99 George Mergenthaler – MERG

One thing I’ve learned from producing these podcasts is the research never ends, it only leads to new avenues of interest branching off from the original topic. And this is the case for Peter Lion.

If you recall in episode 33, Peter told us how elements of the US 28th infantry division, stationed in the Luxembourg town of Wiltz put on a christmas party for the local children, and this included GI Richard Brookins dressing as St Nicholas and arriving by jeep to hand out gifts.

In researching that Peter bumped into the story of George Mergenthaler, heir to the Mergenhaler Linotype Company.

I’ve been trying to pin down a guest for an ‘extra’ episode for quite a while, so when Peter proposed we discuss his book MERG I jumped at the chance. 

For Patrons of the podcast I make available parts of the interviews that are off topic or just never made it into the ‘final cut’. I’ve a bit more of Peter and chatting and I’ve decided to release it free to everyone as a big thank you for listening and all the support you’ve all given me.

If you want to listen to it you can find it at patreon.com/ww2podcast.